Are my PIN number the same as my access code?

Are PIN number the same as my access code?

No they are not. PIN numbers are not changeable once they are set while access code can be updated should it be necessary. Please bear in mind that your access code will only be updated if there is an issue with your current code. This is also per the discretion of the cardholder support staff as such we cannot guarantee that all access code change request will be entertained.  
Please bear mind that cardholder support staff are not legally allowed to access nor do they have any access to a cardholder's PIN number. We will never ask you for this information either via email or phone. Should you receive such a request, terminate all communication and report the number/email address to the relevant authorities. 
If you've forgotten your access code, please have a look at this article as well.  Should you require any clarification or assistance, please contact the number on the back of the card or email us at

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