Why do I see duplicate transactions more than my original transaction?

Why do I see duplicate transactions more than my original transaction?

Rest assured that this should not be a cause for alarm. There are a number of reason why you might see duplicate transactions on your account. 

One of the reason is that this transaction could be a pending authorization i.e. pre-authorization a merchant has processed from their end. This article on
pre-authorization goes a little bit deeper into what it is. 

If you add a tip, the charge may show again with a second authorization but will only be billed once.

If you discover duplicate transactions, please double check if both of the amount was actually charged. If so, you should contact the merchant to raise a dispute for the transaction. 
Please keep in mind that pre-authorization charges do not necessarily show as being credited back to your account once again. You may see the charge twice but rest assured only one of them actually went through in the event of a sale.
Should you require a manual confirmation on this matter, please don't be afraid to create a support ticket with our team. 

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