What if I don’t recognize a transaction on my card?

What if I don’t recognize a transaction on my card?

If you do not recognize a transaction when reviewing your account online, try to match up the transaction amount with your receipts. Sometimes merchant names will show up different than the actual name of the store. If you still believe that the transaction is incorrect you may choose to file a dispute.
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    • Report unauthorized and / or potentially fraudulent transaction on your card

      Please have your access code and card information ready and dial the number on the back of your card, and listen for the prompt regarding "unauthorized and / or potentially fraudulent transactions". You will be directed to an agent, specializing in ...
    • Why was my card declined?

      Your card may have been declined because the purchase amount was greater than the available balance on your card. Some retailers will allow you to do a split transaction where they allow you to use two separate payment methods. Merchants are unable ...
    • Why was my card declined?

      Transactions can be declined for various reasons. The most common are: 1. The transaction amount exceeds the card balance. Please ensure that the transaction amount is equal to or less than the available balance.                                     ...
    • How can I use a prepaid card at merchant terminals?

      You can simply swipe your card at the merchants terminal and process a transaction. For virtual cards, you may have to enter the card information manually into the merchants terminal to process a transaction.
    • Why do I see duplicate transactions more than my original transaction?

      This transaction could be a pending authorization a merchant has processed from their end. It does not necessarily mean your account will be billed twice. Certain Merchants, such as internet companies, may authorise a charge when you place an order.  ...