What does 'suspend card' mean?

What does 'suspend card' mean?

If you notice unauthorized activity or are unsure of any transactions on your card and you want to safeguard your current balance, you can click on suspend card in your mycard online portal.

This will temporarily block your card from future transactions.

This feature will still allow all credits or returns into the card, however you will not be able to process any transactions on this card.

To unblock or unsuspend your card please contact the number on the back of the card or email us at help@mycardholdersupport.com

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    • How can I report a lost or stolen or damaged card?

      If a card is lost or stolen we recommend you suspend the card by logging into the cardholder portalpayaccount.io/login You can contact us at help@mycardholdersupport.com or contact support on the number on the back of your card.
    • Why was my card declined?

      Transactions can be declined for various reasons. The most common are: 1. The transaction amount exceeds the card balance. Please ensure that the transaction amount is equal to or less than the available balance.                                     ...
    • Why was my card declined?

      Your card may have been declined because the purchase amount was greater than the available balance on your card. Some retailers will allow you to do a split transaction where they allow you to use two separate payment methods. Merchants are unable ...
    • How can I check my card balance?

      Log into https://payaccount.io/login to retrieve your prepaid card balance. From there you will be asked to enter Your: 16 digit card number  Access code  (4 digit activation code was provided to you in the instructions that came with the card) CVV ( ...
    • How do I check my card balance?

      You can check your card balance by visiting the website printed on the back of your card. To login you will need to enter your 16-digit card number, your CVV which is the 3-digit number printed on the back of the card and your 4-digit unique access ...