I’m not receiving my etransfer

I’m not receiving my etransfer

For Transfers sent via Interac

Double check if you received any email asking you to approve the transfer. It may have landed in your spam/junk folder by mistake. If you do not see any email asking you to do so, keep an eye out for the follow up email on the 14th and 21st day. Be sure to contact the receiving bank as well to see if the transfer is pending on their end. 

Rest assured that if the funds are not redeemed after 31 days, they will be reverted back to your account. 

For Transfers sent via VISA Direct

If the funds does not show up in your account, it is likely that either:
  1. Your bank does not support VISA Direct as a viable method of transfer - as explained on this article
  2. The card/account that you're sending it to does not have this feature enabled
For both of the above scenario, we recommend that you first verify that your card does acccept this mode of transfer by checking for the VISA Direct logo on the back of the card and also contacting the issuing bank to double check.

If you require any clarification or assistance, feel free to contact the number on the back of the card (for physical cardholders) or email us at help@mycardholdersupport.com

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