How can I load funds onto my card?

How can I load funds onto my card?

At this time, only the company that has ordered your prepaid card for you can reload it. Meaning that you will not be able to load the card by yourself. If you were entitled for more value loads than you have received, please reach out to the company that ordered this card for you directly.
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    • Are there limits to what I can load onto my prepaid card?

      Yes, there are minimum and maximum limits that you can load onto your card, depending on the type of card and which program you card is under.  Please reach out to to confirm the limit of the maximum value load for your ...
    • My card expired with funds remaining; What are my options?

      Please note, cards issued from a corporation for promotional purposes legally have an expiration date. Please take a look at the terms and conditions that were sent with the card to determine if your program allows for replacement cards to be created ...
    • My card has expired but I have not used all the funds.

      We encourage all cardholders to spend their available funds before the card expiry date.   As per the cardholder terms and conditions, there is an expiry date on promotional cards.  Unfortunately, for promotional cards, this means that all funds are ...
    • Can I transfer the funds from my prepaid card to my personal or business bank accounts or into any credit card?

      No, unfortunately you cannot transfer funds from your prepaid physical or virtual card into your personal or business account. This function is not available for any debt payments or credit products either.
    • Why was my card declined?

      Transactions can be declined for various reasons. The most common are: 1. The transaction amount exceeds the card balance. Please ensure that the transaction amount is equal to or less than the available balance.                                     ...