Help! I can't redeem my virtual card.

Help! I can't redeem my virtual card.

Received the following error code when trying to redeem your virtual card?; “The information that you have entered is incorrect”. In all likelihood, the information that you've entered is simply not being recognized by the system as the correct input.

This is due to the the text fields being case-sensitive. 
When filling out the online form to redeem your virtual card, follow these important guidelines:
  1. First name: Your full first name
  2. Last name: Your full last name
    1. If your last name consists of two (2) words, please enter a space ( ) between them. Please do NOT enter a dash, as special characters cannot be used to redeem virtual cards
  3. Email address: The same email address used when the card was issued 
  4. Postal code: The same postal code used when the card was issued
If you're positive that you have everything right, feel free to email us at and we'll see how we can help. 

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