My card expired

My card expired with funds remaining; What are my options?

Please note, cards issued from a corporation for promotional purposes legally have an expiration date. Please take a look at the terms and conditions that were sent with the card to determine if your program allows for replacement cards to be created after expiration date.
We strongly recommend that you go through the terms and conditions of a card before proceeding to use it in any capacity. The agreement is considered binding should no action be taken from your end to remedy it Please review your agreement for details on what action constitutes as a "remedy") Usage of the card in any capacity or lack of action to decline the terms signals your agreement to said terms and conditions. 
If you do not have your terms and conditions with you, feel free to send an email to a with your card details and we will advise you if you are eligible for a replacement card. For certain card programs, we may also be able to produce a digital copy of the agreement that came with your card. 

If your card is a promotional card provided to you by a corporation, your card is considered a promotional prepaid product i.e. corporate funded card, which means that it does have a legal expiry date, which was set by the company that issued your card. Card users are expected to use the funds prior to a cards expiration date. After expiration, your card can no longer be used, and you will lose access to the funds. If you have further concerns about this, it is best that you contact the company that issued your card. 

As much as we would like to help, we are legally bound by the terms and conditions put forth in the terms and conditions that came with your card and are not in a position to provide a replacement or extend the expiration date of the card.  
Canada does have provisions that prevent legal expiration of funds on cards, however, that clause applies only to direct-to-consumer cards. Cards that are corporate funded are exempt from this regulation. Please reach out to the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada for further clarification. 
If your card is not a promotional card provided to you by a corporation, and you are entitled to a replacement card, please reach out to us at with your program details requesting that your card be re-created.

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